Boyfriend – Girlfriend – Characteristics that matter – Part 2

I mentioned in my last Mandarin post that over the years, I've found that you can learn a lot about a culture, based on which things the people in that culture think matter. I had a quiet chuckle when I saw the quiz in the main image above. In the previous post on this quiz, I covered the first four columns. If you didn't read it, you can find it here. In today's post, I'm covering the last two columns.

Fifth Column (Not as surprising)

The fifth column is 性格 (Xìnggé) which in this case means "character".

The choices are:

幽默 (Yōumò) in this case means "humorous"

可爱 (Kě'ài) is "cute" or "amiable"

安静 (Ānjìng) is "quite" or "calm"

认真 (Rènzhēn) is "serious"

Sixth Column (Expected)

The sixth column is another expected one. It's 爱好 (Àihào) or "hobby".

The choices are:

运动 (Yùndòng) can mean many things but here means "sport"

看电影 (Kàn diànyǐng) is "watch movies"

音乐 (Yīnyuè) is "music"

做菜 (Zuò cài) is basically "cooking"


It was good to see the choices in this quiz, even though I think it's a "politically correct" version of a quiz. Not that long ago, I would have expected to see "income", etc. in the list of characteristics.

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