The silent i

Awesome image by Kristina Flour

I recently wrote a short series on pinyin, starting with this previous post, and today I want to just mention one of the common exceptions, and that's the silent letter i.

In the following words, the i sound is pretty much silent:

(Chī) which means to eat
(Cì) which means a number of times or an order/sequence
(Rì) which means day
(Shì) which means is or yes
(Sì) which is the number four
(Zì) which means a word
(Zhǐ) which means only

Now there are other variants of the above sounds as well but they're the same pinyin letters. For example: (Sǐ) which means death (and it's because it sounds a bit like the number four, that four is considered unlucky). Same for (Zi) which relates to a child.

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