A new year wish for all my Chinese buddies

I recently read a wish that I liked the sound of. Although it related to the Chinese new year, it seems appropriate for the Western new year as well. I've adapted it slightly:


(Xīn de yī nián, zhù nǐ wéixiào duō yīdiǎn, fánnǎo shǎo yīdiǎn, huólì duō yīdiǎn, yōuchóu shǎo yīdiǎn, zhāoqì mǎn yīdiǎn, píqì xiǎo yīdiǎn, shìqíng duō zuò diǎn, shībài shǎo yīdiǎn.)

In the new year, I wish you more smiles and less worries, more vitality and less sorrow, more vitality and less bad temper, achieve more and fail less.


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