Sets of words – positions and directions

I find that learning whole sets of words is useful, rather than just trying to learn words in isolation. A good example is that when I was learning colors, I'd just learn as many colors as I could, and I'd just look around me in whatever room I was in, and try to name the colors that I saw.

A similar useful set is positions and directions. These are also good to learn as a set:

左边 (Zuǒbiān) is to the left

右边 (Yòubiān) is to the right

前面 (Qiánmiàn) is in front

后面 (Hòumiàn) is behind

上面 (Shàngmiàn) is on top (or above)

下面 (Xiàmiàn) is under (or below)

旁边 (Pángbiān) is next to (or beside)

对面 (Duìmiàn) is across from (or opposite)

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