Book Review: The Monkey's Paw (Mandarin Companion)

In a previous post, I mentioned how much I liked the "Mandarin Companion" series of books. They are written in graded levels of Chinese. I've recently read another book in this series: The Monkey's Paw.

This is a classic tale that's based around the concept of "be careful of what you wish for".

It's the tale of a family (mother and father and their adult son). The son is a factory worker. A mysterious old friend of the father visits them one day. He tells them about a monkey's paw that has the power to grant three wishes to whoever holds it. While warning them that a great toll can be felt by those that take the wishes, he still ends up giving it to them.

And as you can imagine, they later end up wishing they'd never heard of it.

Bottom line?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Although the language is again a bit repetitive and simplistic in places, once again I'd say that the level was perfect for me. It's so much more interesting to read these books with more teen or adult themes where the writing is still at a child level.

Greg's rating: 9 out of 10

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