Electric words

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I mentioned last week that the word for computer 电脑 (diànnǎo) was wonderful because it was literally "electric brain".  I tend to learn words in groups rather than individually, and the words related to electricity  (diàn) are fun.

I love the allusions that they bring forward, and I thought you might enjoy knowing a few of them.

电力 (Diànlì) or "electric power" means just what it says but is often used for just electricity.

电子 (Diànzǐ) could be translated like "electric child", so that one's a bit odd. It means "electronic" as an adjective, and "electron" as a noun.

电梯 (Diàntī) or "electric ladder" is an elevator.

电影 (Diànyǐng) is one of my favorites. It's close to "electric shadow" and means "movie".

电话 (Diànhuà) or "electric speech" is "telephone".

电视 (Diànshì) or "electric vision" is "television".

电信 (Diànxìn) or "electric letter" is "telecommunications".

A less common one today 电报 (Diànbào)  or "electric newspaper" is "telegram".

电池 (Diànchí) or "electric pool" is "battery".

电车 (Diànchē) or "electric vehicle" is "tram".

电灯 (Diàndēng) is literally "electric light".

电线 (Diànxiàn) or "electric line or pipe" is "wire".

Also, some the other way around like:

闪电 (Shǎndiàn) or "flash electricity" is "lightning".

And there are many, many more. I really love the way that many of these have been formed.

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