Learning Mandarin – Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, and Adverbs

Chinese writing
In Mandarin, the word for word is  (Cí). It's pronounced somewhat like "tser". An example of its use is in the word 词典  (Cídiǎn) which is the word for a dictionary. Individual characters are called   (Zì) but that can also be used for a word. Mandarin characters would be 汉字  (Hànzì) where 汉  (Hàn) represents the Han people ie: most of the Chinese. Most of the parts of English speech have fairly direct equivalents. A Noun is called 名词  (Míngcí) which pretty much means "name word". A verb is called 动词  (Dòngcí) which is close to meaning a "move word" or perhaps a "movement word". An adjective is called 形容词  (Xíngróngcí) which is a little more complex but basically a "describe word". on its own is a shape. An adverb is called 副词  (Fùcí) which is close to a "assistant word", a "secondary word", or an "auxiliary word".  on its own is means secondary, auxiliary, deputy, assistant, etc.

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